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 Post subject: EFT
PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:24 pm 
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This is a kind of follow up for something I mentioned in the messaging post. Years ago, (like the late 60s) I was given a book by a friend that didn't understand it so gave it to me. It was called Dianetics. I absorbed the book because it had answers to many of my questions and at that time I was on a quest for knowledge.

Okay, given that it was written by a science fiction author, many people did not give it any credibility at all because the subject was on psychology. It discussed engrams, which are best described as triggers acquired during life that influence our behavior. Many of those being hangups, or bad habits, or reactions to situations. The Author's name was L Ron Hubbard. Now for those in the know, he was the founder of Scientology. Because of the outcome of what he discovered writing the first book he figured out how to turn it into a religion. I have read several books on Scientology as a follow up to Dianetics and over the years had known a couple people in Scientology but I don't follow any religion because they all in some way or other profess to be the only way. Obviously they all can't be the ONLY way. There are many paths for sure! And I follow my own!

So, eventually another book came out by an actual Psychologist called "The Primal Scream". Well, it was like reading Dianetics all over again only this time because this psychologist was certified and recognized as a doctor of some sort, he was accepted by many of the main stream health organization. In effect, I believe he took the ideas in Hubbard's book and made it his own.

So, what does that have to do with EFT? Well, in both of those books, it deals with the cause of behavior based on events that happened in earlier years that now influence us and control out actions to events. It's the same with PTSD, you get so used to a certain reaction based on an event that happened that it rules your life now, like a soldier that goes to a restaurant and has to have a seat with his back to a wall while he can see the door. It's a survival habit you develop in combat. And it tends to rule your life which is what PTSD does. Of course stress is highly involved in those situations.

So, without going into the particulars of what is actually taking place in our body (which you can learn about by searching out some videos of EFT by Gary Craig) what the EFT method does to the energy blockages in the body is free them up and clear them. Nothing to buy, no one to pay for services unless you decided to see a doctor that uses it, because you can learn to do this yourself. It uses acupuncture points that you tap while basically saying that you accept yourself as you are and love yourself. I'm not sure why that is necessary of course but it does seem to help some. (by the same token, main stream medicine does not usually acknowledge the energy points in the body as they are something the Chinese and Indians(asia) use and related to the chakras.)

Now then, a private secret that I discovered in using this system that I hope doesn't give the wrong impression here but by accident one day I was driving home from work and listening the music as I usually do accept this time I used one hand to tap the EFT points as I drove. Within a few minutes I realized something, I was feeling exactly like I did many years ago when I had gotten stoned. I was "digging" the music and felt like floating. In effect I had released endorphins in the brain which has that kind of effect. So how does one get stoned without taking anything? EFT does work and many people I have suggested to try it have and reported back that it indeed does at least for reliving stress!

In summation, it is basically tapping on energy points on the body that control our energy flow and clears blocked areas. And example would be like a person that has stage fright and beforehand takes a few minutes to tap on the suggested pressure points while reciting something like "I have stage fright but I accept myself just the same" and before you know it, it is gone. Now I'm not a medical professional so try this at your own risk and if you are lucky it just may find that it works for you as well. Of course I can't think of any risk involved here other than looking silly to someone that has no idea what you are doing. And if you do may you have that good luck.

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